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Victoria State Rose Garden

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Where is the Victoria State Rose Garden (Sometimes incorrectly called Werribee Park Rose Garden?)

A.   The Victoria State Rose Garden is located adjacent to The Mansion at Werribee Park in the Werribee Park Tourism Precinct (Melway Reference 201 B/C 3)

Q.   Can I get there by public  transport?

A.   The Metro Train from Melbourne to Werribee and then the 439 bus, which takes you right into the grounds of the Precinct.

Q.   What are the opening times for the Rose Garden?

A.     From April to Sept 9.30 till 5 pm. From October to March 9.30 till 6.00

Q.   Can one have functions, such as weddings in the Garden? 

A.   Many people do as it is a wonderful open air venue.  All queries relating to functions should be addressed to Parks Victoria  on Ph: 13 19 63 during business hours weekdays only 9 to 4 or email:

Q.   When is the best time to visit the Garden?

A.   There are two "best" times, subject to weather. In November (spring) the first flush of blooms and the once-flowering spring roses are at their peak.  Then in March, the autumn flush of modern roses make it an excellent time to see masses of flowers.  We always have some blooms in the Garden from early October until late July.

Q.   Is there an entrance fee?

A.   No. Isn't it nice to go somewhere these days without having to pay a fortune? The volunteers aim to present a pleasant environment for public use and enjoyment; an informal relaxed atmosphere which invites leisurely exploration - a time to smell the roses!  However we do constantly need funds for new roses, equipment, tools, stakes, ties, etc. Hence the donation tube at the front entrance.

Q.   How do you get an abundance of bloom for the entire flowering period?

A.   The prime aim of any flower is to produce seed.  Removal of spent blooms, called dead-heading, prevents fruit (hips) developing and forces the plant to try again.  Dead-heading is one of the volunteers' main tasks.  We aim to remove spent blooms from every bush at least once every 14 days.

Q.  How many roses are there in the Garden?

A.   About 5,500, but this varies as we remove and replace roses.

Q.   How long has the Rose Garden been here?

A.   The first roses were planted in October 1981.  The Garden was officially opened to the public in November 1986.  The Heritage Border was added in 1997 and extended in 2000.  The Australian Leaf was planted in 2000 and offiially opened in 2001.  The David Austin Bud was also planted in 2000 and officially opened in 2001.

Q.   Do you have any Australian roses?

A.   There are no roses native to Australia.  A collection of Australian-bred roses can be found in the Australian Leaf.  This Leaf was planted to celebrate the Centenary of Federation of Australia. Roses from each Australian State, covering the years 1901 to 2001 are represented and as many as possible of Australian rose-breeders.

Q.   Can we buy roses here?

A.   We do not sell rose blooms or plants.  Plant Breeders' Rights Protection Law prevent us giving away cuttings or selling them. Most of the roses grown here are obtainable from rose growers.  Your local nursery should be able to supply, or order them for you.

Q.   Which rose has the best fragrance?

A.   Fragrance is in the 'nose' of the individual, with weather and time of day playing a large part in its intensity. David Austin roses are noted for their perfume and individual roses such as 'Avon', 'Papa Meilland', 'Chrysler Imperial', and 'Crimson Glory' being noted for their perfume.

Q.   Who maintains the Rose Garden?

A.   A dedicated group of volunteers called the Victoria State Rose Garden Supporters Group is responsible for the maintenance of the roses. Their tasks include pruning, dead-heading, mulching, monitoring performance, replacing roses that are not performing well and a multitude of tasks to keep the Garden and surrounds looking at their best.

The Garden comes under the control of Parks Victoria, The Mansion at Werribee Park and their staff assist the Supporters by arranging for lawn-mowing, watering, disease control programs, removal and disposal of garden waste,  and other tasks in co-operation with the Supporters.

Q.   How many volunteers work in the Garden?

A.   We have around 100 Members and on any fine Wednesday morning you will find an average of 50 volunteers working in the Garden.  Come and see them at work and ask them about working there.

Q.   How many hours a year would the volunteers work?

A.  In 2012 we worked 8200 hours, in 2013 we worked 8601, in 2014 we worked 9777 hours, in 2015 we worked 9637 hours, in 2016 we worked 9257 hours none of which included administrative time or guided tours.

Q.   How does one become a volunteer?

A.   The easiest way is to come down to the Garden on a Wednesday or Saturday morning, make yourself known to one of the volunteers and they will arrange for you to meet a Council Member, who will give you all the details.  We welcome new Members and can usually guarantee that you will enjoy your time with us.  We treasure every hour you can spare. We charge an annual membership fee of $20 which gives you four newsletters a year, a lot of good comradeship and the chance to work with a good team.

Q.    Are dogs allowed in the Garden?

A.    No. Dogs are not allowed in the Rose Garden or anywhere in the Werribee Park Precinct.


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