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Victoria State Rose Garden

Tudor Rose

The main Garden is in the shape of a formal Tudor Rose.  It is in an artificial bowl, created by the Civilian Engineering Exhibition in 1982.

The centre boss is a gazebo surrounded by standards and bush modern roses. Modern roses are Hybrid Tea and Floribunda roses

Radiating outward are five avenues of standard modern roses, each leading to an arch covered in climbing roses.  The avenues define the five formal petals of the Tudor Rose.  Each petal contains twenty-five beds of modern roses and  eleven tripods containing pillar roses.  
Around the outer edge of each petal are eighteen posts with chain and wire between them, containing rambling and climbing roses, which are trained to create festoons or swages.  Interspersed with the festoons are twenty weeping standards giving height to the outer edge. 

Arches & Standard Avenues



High Hopes

Golden Gate

Mme Alfred Carriere


Standard Avenues


Bridal Pink

Garden of Roses

La Sevillana


Perfume Perfection

Garden of Roses

Petal A

Apricot Nectar Avon Athene
Belle of Berlin Brigadoon
Bright as a Button Blue for You
Camille Pissaro Crimson Glory
Eyes For You Firestar
Gold Medal Golden Fairytale
Golden Friendship Heaven Scent
Love In Olave Baden-powell
Our Vanilla Paradise
Picasso Precious Michelle
Red Intuition Rusticana
Tantau's Bernstein Rose Tu Tu Mauve


Edith Holden

Pauls Lemon Pillar

Climbing Aloha

Sutter's Gold



Albertine Alchymist
Angela Blossom Time
Blush Rambler Constance Spry
Dorothy Dennison Evangeline
Helen Traubel High Hopes
May Queen Meg
New Dawn Ophelia Quicksilver

Weeping Standards

Apple Blossom Bonica
Buff Beauty Clair Matin
Crepuscule Dortmund
Excellence von Schubert Heideschnee
Jasmina Lavender Mist
Many Happy Returns Milkmaid
Moschata Autumnalis Quicksilver Royal Bassino
Sanders White Scarlet Meidiland
Spectabilis Summer Fairy Tales

Petal B

Afternoon Delight Best Friend
Dame Elizabeth Murdoch Day Breaker
Duet Fabulous Firefighter
Golden Girls Gold n Fancy
Honey Perfume Louisa Stone
Outback Angel Peacekeeper
Peter Frankenfeld Scentimental
Silver Jubilee Spirit of Peace
Splice Thank You The Captain of Hearts
Topsy Turvey Violina


Altissimo Chrysler Imperial
Crimson Glory Dance de Sylphes
Dune Paul's Scarlet
Rush Sympathie
Woolerton Old Hall


Aimee Vibert Debutante
Dorothy Dennison Duchesse de Brabant
Frances E Lester Gentiliana
Kiss Me Kate Lordly Oberon
Mrs Herbert Stevens Phyllis Bide
Sally Holmes Sanders White
Sombreuil Souv de la Mal Maison

Weeping Standards

Apple Blossom Carabella
Cecile Brunner Dorothy Perkins
Excelsa Heideschnee
Lavender Dream Many Happy Returns
New Dawn Our Rosy Carpet
Red Meidiland Royal Bassino
Scarlet Meidiland Sea Foam
Spectabilis Sunny Rose

Petal C

Amatsu Otome Blueberry Hill
Bold Seduction Burgandy Iceberg
Camp David Custard Cream Dioressence
Elina Fire n Ice
Home & Garden Joy of Life
Light My Fire Maykbe Diva
Maria Callas Mothers Love
News Oranges & Lemons
Playboy Pomponella
Pope John Paul II Rebell
St Patrick Sweet Intoxication


Angel Face Double Delight
Golden Gate Guy Savoy
Iceberg Pride of Venus


Aviateur Bleriot Casino
Crepuscule Desert Glow
Golden Gate Goldfinch
Jasmina Jindabyne
Julia's Rose Lady Hillingdon
Moonlight Mrs Graham Hart
Mrs Sam Mcgredy Peace
Perle d"Or Cl Phyllis Bide
Royal Gold Rush
Twilight Glow

Weeping Standards

Albertine Appleblossom
Buff Beauty Cecile Brunner
Crepuscule Excelsa
Gold Bunny Heideschnee
Jasmina Lavender Dream
Mainau Feur New Dawn
Renae Sea Foam
Summer's Evening

Petal D

Asprin Bendigo
Charles de Gaulle Dunn Deal
Garden Delight Golden Holstein
Golden Years Grande Amore
Honey Dijon Icegirl
In Appreciation Inner Wheel
Jindabyne La Marseillaise
Morpheus Oklahoma
Parole Phoenix
Red Cedar Rose Professer Seiber
Spirit of Hope The Childrens Rose
Tuscan Sun


Handel Renown’s Rosario
Pinkie Titian
Twilight Glow


Blush Rambler Chrysler Imperial
Compassion Crimson Showers
Debutante Dorothy Perkins
Evangaline Fourth of July
Manita Marie Nabonnand
Mme Gregorie Staechelin Nancy Hayward
Russelliana Tiffany

Weeping Standards

Albertine Appleblossom
Bloomfield Courage Carabella
Cecile Brunner Cherub
Dorothy Perkins Dortmund
Excelsa Eye of the Tiger
Florentina Heidesommer
New Dawn Pinkie
Renae Sander's White
Sea Foam Scarlet Miediland
Summer's Evening Super Excelsia

Petal E

Alister Clark Dark Desire
Double Delight English Miss
Fearless Fiona's Wish
Fragrant Cloud Fragrant Plum
Gelber Engel Glorious
Hot Cocoa Karen Blixen
Maggie Mother & Daughter
Orange Bunny Parkinson's Passion Royal Dane
Raspberry Rapper Summer Fragrance Tarantella
Tropical Sunset Warm Wishes
White Spray Yvonne Kenny


Bantry Bay Cocktail
Dublin Bay Cl Iceberg
Masquerade Naheem
Penny Lane Summer Snow
Wild Rover


Altissimo Bleu Magenta
Bloomfield's Courage Blue Moon
Dr Huey Dublin Bay
Jasmina Leguna
Nehema Sparrieshoop
Sympathie Veilchenbleu
Wild Rover

Weeping Standards

Albertine Appleblossom
Bloomfield Courage Carabella
Cecile Brunner Cherub
Dorothy Perkins Dortmund
Excelsa Heidesommer
Lavender Dream New Dawn
Pinkie Renae
Sander's White Scarlet Meidiland
Sea Foam Summer's Evening


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