Heritage Border

Background Information

In August 1997 it was decided to utilise the fenceline between the Mansion at Werribee Park and the Victoria State Rose Garden by creating a 'Heritage' Border.  With the help of Werribee Park staff and a grant from Parks Victoria, 44 varieties of climbing species and Old Roses were planted to form a hedge on the cyclone fence.  In 1998 a front row of bush Old Roses was planted consisting of 49 varieties.  Many of these plantings were species roses with historical ties to the modern rose.  The Border would more correctly be called a 'Historical' Border, in that many of the roses are not a true Heritage cultivar.  They do, however have very strong historical links to modern roses.  For example, there are many of Alistair Clark's roses; there is Constance Spry, David Austin's first rose; and there are many hybrid roses from crosses with Old Roses.

In 2000, with the realigning of the fenceline to allow for Stage Two of the overall Garden, a further 400 metres of Border was planted, The Heritage Border is now about 450 metres long, 3 metres wide and contains about 500 plants with 250 varities of beautiful and historic roses. Whilst roses are mainly placed in family groups, the main priority is visual effectiveness and appeal. Cultivars from Australia, America, China, Denmark, England,France, Germany,  Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand and Scotalnd may be found.  The rose names are engraved on bricks within the garden edging, together with the rose variety, breeder, country of origin and date of discovery or introduction.

Download the Heritage Border Leaflet (PDF) showing the  Heritage Roses currently in the garden. (This leaflet is also available when you visit the garden) 

The listing below is in alphabetical order, not in the order they are within the Heritage Border.


Acervate Agatha-Incarnata
Agnes Aimee Vibert
Alba-Semi-plena Alberic-Barbier
Albertine Alfred-de-Dalmas
Alister Stella Gray Amadis
Anais-Segalas Anna-Olivier
Anne Endt Apothecary's-Rose
Archiduc-Joseph Autumn-Damask
Autumn-Delight Babe
Ballerina Bardou Job
Baron-de-Wassenaer Baron-Girod-de-L'ain
Baroness-Rothschild Baronne-Prevost
Beaute Inconstante BL-Sydney-Linton
Blanc-Double-de-Coubert Bloomfield's-Dainty
Blush-Noisette Bobbie James Pink Poly
Botzaris Bouquet-d'Or
Bourbon-Queen Buff-Beauty
Bunya-Mountains Calocarpa
Camaieux Canary-Bird
Capitane-John-Ingram Captain Christy Cl
Captain Watkins Cardinal-de-Richelieu
Cecile-Brunner Celine-Forestier
Champney's-Pink-Cluster Charles-de-Mills
Chateau-de-Clos-Vougeot Chip's Aple Blossom
Chloris Cicely-Lascelles
Claire-Jacquier Cloth-of-Gold
Commandant-Beaurepaire Constance
Cornelia Compte-de-Chambord
Constance-Spry Cramoisi-Superieur
Cramoisi Superieur Cl Crepuscule
Daydream De Meaux
Dembrowski Devoniensis
Doctor Hogg Dr Huey
Donna-Marie Duchesse-de-Angouleme
Duchesse-de-Brabant Duchesse-de-Montebello
Duchess-of-Portland Duke-of-Edinburgh
Dupontii E-Veyrat-Hermanos
E.N. Ward Ellie Beauvilan
Empereur-de-Maroc Esmeralda
Eos Fantin-Latour
Felicia Felicite-et-Perpetua
Felicitie Parmentier Ferdinand-Pichard
Fimbriata Fortune's-Double-Yellow
Fortuniana Francesca
Francis-Dubriel Francois-Juranvale
Fritz-Nobis Fru-Dagmar-Hastrup
Fru-Karl-Drushki Fruhlingsgold
Fruhlingsanfang Fruhlingsduft
Fruhlingsmorgen G Nabonnand
Gay Vista General Gallieni
General MacArthur Cl General-Schablikine
Geranium Ghislaine-de-Feligonde
Gladsome Glorie-du-Ducher
Glorie-Lyonnaise Goethe
Golden-Wings Grace-Darling
Great-Maiden's-Blush Gruss-an-Aachen
Guinee Hadley
Hebes-Lip Henri-Martin
Hermosa Highdownensis
Hippolyte Honeyflow
Honorine-de-Brabant Hugonis
Hume's-Blush Irish-Elegance
Irish-Rich-Marbled Ispahan
Jaune-Deprez Jesse-Clark
Joasine Hanet Josephine-Bruce
Juno Kathleen
Kitty-Kininmonth Konigan-Von-Danemark
Kronprincessin-Viktoria La-France
La-Reine Lady Edgeworth David
Lady-Hillingdon Lady-Waterlow
Lady-Mary-Fitzwilliam Lane's-Moss
Lawrence-Johnston La-Vesuve
Little-White-Pet Lord Charlemont Cl
Lord-Penzance Louise-Odier
Macrantha Maigold
Mamon-Cochet Marechal-Niel
Marie-Van-Houtte Marquise de Vivens
Master-Hugh Mermaid
Micrugosa Mlle-Franziska-Kruger
Mme Abel Chatenay Mme-Berard
Mme-Caroline-Testout Mme-Georges-Bruant
Mme-Hardy Mme-Legras-de-St-Germaine
Mme-Jules-Gravereux Mme-Lombard
Mme-Louise-Leveque Mme-Pierre-Oger
Mme-Plantier Morlettii
Mosseaux-du-Japon Mrs-Anthony-Waterer
Mrs-B-R-Cant Mrs-Dudley-Cross
Mrs-Harold-Brocklebank Mrs-John-Lang
Mrs-Oakleigh-Fisher Mrs-Richard-Turnbull
Mutabilis Nancy-Hayward
Narrow-Water Nevada
Noella-Nabonnand Nuits-de-Young
Octavus-Weld Old-Blush
Parfum-de-la-Hay Park's-Yellow
Papa-Gontier Paul-Neyron
Paul-Ricault Paul's-Himalyan-Musk
Pax Penelope
Perle-d'Or Pink-Grootendorst
Pink-Mamon-Cochet Polyantha Grandiflora
Princeps Poulsen'sDelight
President-de-Seze Prosperity
Provence-Rose Prudence
Quatre-Saisons Queensland Beauty
r-altaica r-anenomodies
r-banksiae-alba-plena r-banksiae-lutea
r-banksiae-lutescens r-brunonii
r-canina r-centifolia-muscosa
r-chinensis-viridiflora r-damascena-versicolor
r-eglantaria r-fedtschenkoana
r-foetida-bicolour r-foetida-lutea
r-foetida-persiana r-fortuniana
r-gigantea r-glauca
r-harrisonii r-helenae
r-hemispherica r-indica-Major
r-laevigata r-moschata
r-moschata-nasturana r-primula
r. multiflora carnea r-multiflora-platyphylla
r-roxburghii-plena r-rugosa-alba
r-sericea-pteracantha r-setigera
r-soulieana r-virginiana
r-webbiana r-wichuriana
r-woodsii-v-Fendleri r-x-cantabrigiensis
Rambling-Rector Raubritter
Reine-de-Violette Reine-Victoria
Reve-d'Or Rev T.C. Cole
Ringlet Rose-de-Rescht
Rose-du-Roi Rose-De-Meaux
Rose Marie Rosiere-de-la-Hay
Rosette-Delizy Rugelda
Rugspin Safrano
Scabrosa Scharlachglut
Schneelicht Slater's-Crimson-China
Soliel-d'Or Sombreuil
Souv-de-Mme-Leonie-Viennot Souv-du-Dr-Jamain
Souv-de-Philomen-Cochet Souv-d'-un-Ami
Spring Song Stanwell-Perpetual
The-Bishop Tonner's-Fancy
Tour-de-Malakoff Tuscany
Tuscany-Superb Vanguard
Variegata-de-Bologna Vick's-Caprice
Village-Maid Villosa-Duplex
Violette White-Cecile-Brunner
WhiteMamon-Cochet William-Lobb
Zephrine Drouin


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