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Victoria State Rose Garden

Great Performers


If you are after a mass display "Aspirin" is the rose for you.White with a tinge of colour{pink buds}the double blooms are cupped & densely cover the metre high bush.

Brass Band

Bred in U.S.A.  1993 . Brass Band grows in clusters of  orange-yellow buds  that open to a lovely orange colour, with tinges  of many apricot  tones. The bush is a medium to tall bush which has dark green foliage.

The blooms hold their shape very well which makes it a great rose for the vase or exhibition. It does not have a strong perfume but, in our garden, flowers continually.

Highly recommended.  (Available at Treloars)

Look for it on the avenue of standards between Petals A and C

Maxi Vita

"Maxi Vita" released in 2004, is an outstanding floribunda. The blooms of orange pink with a yellow orange base cover the 1 metre tall bush. A robust bush with many open faced bloom to show the centre of the rose. You will find it on either side of the pathway near the mounds leading to the David Austin "Bud"

St Patrick

“St Patrick” is a Hybrid Tea, bred in U.S.A by Frank Strickland in 1996

The bud is GREEN which opens to a lovely yellow bloom. It has very little perfume but has a vase life of 7 days. Being almost thornless makes it very easy to handle.

Look for it in ‘Petal C’ ( C15 ) in the Tudor Rose.


“Veilchenblau” is a very vigorous rambler, (so beware) allow plenty of room to spread. Its canes can be rigid so take care when tying it. Almost thornless it has fresh green foliage and the flowers are a lovely shade of mauve, small, semi-double, incurved but able to show  prominent yellow stamens.

Bred in Germany by Schmidt  1909

 Look for it on the festoons in Petals D and E

Fourth of July

“Fourth of July” was bred by Tom Carruth in 1999, a climber of unusual red with yellow markings which fade to white It grows to 455cm in height and 185 cm in width so will need to be carefully trained ,it has an apple fragrance and you will be delighted with the  colour it adds  to your fence or wall “Fourth of July” was the first climber to win the All AmericanSociety  Award in 1999.

Look for it on the festoons in Petal D

Fourth of July DF12

Honey Dijon

“Honey Dijon” is a vigorous upright plant growing 130cm tall. It can be found in Petal D of our Garden.

The flowers are a warm golden colour, some describe as Tan, making it very unusual. Honey Dijon has glossy dark green foliage, and a strong fruity fragrance. It has a deeper colour in cooler climates.

Bred by James Sproul U.S.A in 2002

(Available at Swanes)

Louisa Stone

“Louisa Stone” bred by Peter Harkness U.K. in 1997 has been in Petal B of the garden for several seasons now and has been a winner. Always covered in flowers it is a great addition to our garden.

Very pale Apricot blooms with a mild old rose fragrance the bush only grows to medium height and 60 cm wide.

With the Showers & humid weather recently [ DEC 2011] there is very little black spot on these bushes.

Perfume Perfection

 “Perfume Perfection” is on the standards between Petals A and E. Only planted in the winter of 2010, the plants are still immature but have great promise.

Delicate lavender blooms with a strong sweet fragrance on a nicely rounded bush will satisfy everyone.

Irish Rich Marbled

“Irish Rich Marbled” is in our Heritage Border along the perimeter of the rose garden. Being an old scotch rose its beginnings & parentage are hard to trace. As you can see it is very thorny and the foliage is quite ferny, the rose begins as a soft pink rounded bud which opens to a lovely deep pink rose with lilac reverse.

Scotch roses were popular between 1790 and 1830 and are rarely seen these days.

Make a point of looking at this rose in the garden. You may not want it in your garden as it suckers freely, but you could confine it to a pot or put in a barrier around it to prevent it spreading.  It makes a marvellous low hedge.

Dame Elizabeth Murdoch

“Dame Elizabeth Murdoch”. Bred by Kordes, Germany in 2001 and named in honour of our own Dame Elizabeth.  Available from Treloars

An exceptional Hybrid Tea rose of Golden yellow flushed with vermillion and various shades of pink. Soil conditions & the season can play a big part in the colouring. The bush is vigorous & healthy.

Look for it in Petal B

Angel Face

A climbing “Angel Face” is on the tripod in the bed of ‘Mothers Love - Petal C’ in the Garden. Bred by Swim in U.S.A in 1968

Mauve in colour the rose has ruffled edges and a lemony perfume.

It blooms continually through spring and summer.

Victoria Gold

“Victoria Gold” bred by Eric Welsh, Australia 1999, to celebrate the Centenary of the Rose Society of Victoria and has been a great addition to the garden.

The frilled blooms grow in small clusters of intense yellow. In the autumn the edges will show a definite red tinge The bush is tall & healthy with rich green foliage, a great rose for the vase , three stems will fill a vase with very little arranging necessary.

Find it  in the Australian Leaf.


“Glorious” Introduced into Australia in 2003 is a lovely clear yellow Hybrid Tea rose. Its typical high pointed centre make it ideal for a vase and the profusion of blooms on the strong, healthy bush makes it a great garden rose. The blooms hold their shape & colour well. And we highly recommended  it.

Find “Glorious“ in ‘Petal E’ in our Garden.


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