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In 1993 the supporters group was formed after an ad was placed in the local paper “The Banner” by Mr Jim Priestly. Of that initial group of fifty, several are still helping in the Garden each Wednesday & Saturday morning.

Our supporters come from all walks of life and from all over Melbourne. The original group were trained in all aspects of rose culture by some of the most foremost rosarians in the country and are passing on their knowledge to each newcomer. The aim: to produce healthy bushes and maximum blooms for all to enjoy.

Without these dedicated workers we would not have a garden today as it has been under threat several times.

But it is enjoyable to work in the fresh air in an award winning garden. Hearing comments from the visitors gives us a great feeling of satisfaction. Of course we always welcome new volunteers whether or not they are experienced.

We have many local and overseas visitors who admire the work that is done each year by the 100 supporters who contribute 9000hrs between them every year.

Apart from the sunshine, fresh air, learning & satisfaction there are other advantages of volunteering. The camaraderie of like-minded people is one of the best feelings as we toil in our beautiful garden.

We are always seeking new volunteers to help us in this world-class Garden.  If you have time available on a Saturday or Wednesday morning (weather permitting) please come down to the Garden and ask one of the volunteers to introduce you to a Council member.  They will tell you all about our Group, and advise you on all the matters of becoming one of our hardworking group. OR contact us at PO Box 2137, Werribee, 3030 or via email on info@vicstaterosegarden.com.au 



Thank you for your enquiry re volunteering at the State Rose Garden.

We work on Wednesdays and Saturday mornings. On Wednesdays volunteers work between 8.00 and 12.00 but as a new person we initially ask you to arrive by 10 for our morning tea and talk break.  After morning tea and communication we work until midday. Volunteers put in as much or as little time as they want to. Even an hour is appreciated between these hours. 

On Saturday someone will be in the garden from 7.30 ish. A break at about 9.30 is followed by another hours work until 11ish or sometimes 12 depending on the availability of a committee member to supervise and lock up.

After seeing the jobs involved in maintaining the garden any new person needs to decide if they want to join and,  after two weeks attendance, will be given a form to fill in.  Joining involves being aware of the rules and procedures and joining in and being part of a team. 

We charge an annual membership fee of $20 which gives you four newsletters a year, a lot of good fellowship and the chance to work with a good team. We welcome new members and can usually guarantee that you will enjoy your time with us. 

Just come to the garden on either Wednesday or Saturday and make yourself known to any of the volunteers present and they will make sure a committee member will look after you.

Bring some sturdy gardening gloves, eye protection ( can be your own glasses if you wear them, sunglasses or safety glasses) and secateurs. All other tools are supplied. 

Hope to see you soon.

Tripod pruning while being filmed for “Your Garden” magazine
More tripod pruning while being filmed for “Your Garden” magazine
Mulching takes place throughout September. An enormous job to see the mulch laid in preparation to protect the roses from the hot summer sun.
Pruning takes place from June till the end of August.

Deadheading of the roses takes place from October till April and this is the main activitiy during these months to ensure a maximum display of blooms. Of course weeding, feeding, spraying, sweeping and other general maintenance tasks continue alongside the seemingly endless deadheading.

Supporters busy deadheading the vibrant Firestar and catching up on everyone's news.
Volunteers are guided by a coordinator to ensure that deadheading is done in a systematic, rotational way.
It only takes a few weeks to deadhead all the petals and then the cycle begins again.


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