March 2020

With lots of rain and warm weather still lasting March sees another large flush of blooms  throughout the garden.

Brigadoon Petal A24
Brigadoon, Eye catching colour & perfect form.
Lots of volunteers almost hidden whilst working together. Apricot Nectar. A1
Sharing deadheading tips! Maybe? Apricot Nectar. Petal A 1
Wonderful Parks Rangers in the background supporting us.
Volunteer Michelle hard at work on Avon in Petal A



Despite Rain, Excessive Heat and Violent Winds the roses just keep on blooming. ENJOY


Blush Rambler & Blossom Time were putting on an amazing display on the Festoons in Petal A.

"Firestar" is the brilliant orange rose in the foreground. 

The Festoons make you stop and admire with their massed display!!!
Bev & Christine, both long time volunteers, working on the never ending deadheading.

October, November 2019

There are roses blooming everywhere. 


As the last few beds will be finished by the wonderful Saturday volunteers our thoughts turn to the next jobs. Weeding is an enormous, ongoing job followed closely by feeding & mulching in the lead up to the STATE ROSE & GARDEN SHOW 2019.  

WEEDING (no-one likes it!) is the next important job to tackle. Hopefully the heavy duty weeder will make it a lot easier. Here's hoping!!!
Glorious crimson new growth on the roses that were pruned first in Petal B. Taken 4th Sept.
We certainly generate lots of rose cuttings from each bed we prune.
Bev & Cheryl helping out the Park Rangers who collect all of our cuttings and dispose of them. THANK YOU from all of us.
The Fairy Wrens are hard at work too...eating!!
Delightful view of a male Fairy Wren in all his glorious colour. Photo by Sue.

August 2019


Wonderful view from atop the ladder on a festoon. So neat. Photo Christine Menagazzo.
Long view of expertly pruned beds, framed by the weepers.

July 2019

Female & juvenile Fairy Wrens keep the volunteers company whilst searching for food.
One of many neatly pruned rose beds in the garden in July
Bev a founding member of the volunteers sits pruning a low bed in the Tudor Rose.
The Heritage Border team camouflaged pruning amidst the thorny canes on 24th July.

June 2019

It's the first week of June and so many flowers blooming and so much leaf coverage. We are starting pruning on 12th June!!!!  There will be a lot of leaf cutting just to see the rose structure. 

Origami B14
Origami B14
Inner Wheel D11
Thank You B20
Tuscan Sun D9
Tuscan Sun D9
White Spray E2
Unconventional Lady E22
Professor Siebel
Tantau's Bernstein Rose A21
Volunteers watching Wal pruning to freshen up their skills for June 12th.
Anne & Geoff of the Weeping Standard Team have already begun pruning as they struggle to complete all the weepers by mid August.

May 2019


Dark Moments
Royal Dane

3 Views of the colour changes of FIONA'S WISH all taken on 15th May. STUNNING!

APRIL 2019


Take the time to walk along the heritage border and be amazed at the variety of HIPS on display.

PARADISE is the name of the rose and paradise it is!

Longtime volunteer & life member of the garden, Margherita, enjoying the beauty.
Close up of the delightful flower that Margherita was admiring.

March 2019

Photos Taken 13th March

Firestar A18
Firestar A18
Glorious E8
Glorious E8
Dark Moments E6
Mother & Daughter
Paradise A8
Double Delight E16
Red Cross E12
Thank You B20
Royal Dane E18
Royal Dane Bud E 18

February 2019

Buckets to the rescue!!! (13th Feb)

The buckets were so useful today whilst working on the low roses that our team managed to deadhead several beds of the dreaded "back & knee destroyers", one after the other!  Great strategy......


January 2019

The VSRG Supporters almost lost amongst the bushes as they worked non stop deadheading throughout the very hot days to keep the roses looking their best. (taken 31st January) 

Morning Tea with a difference for the Volunteers mid January!

The volunteers gathered at the new Gazebo to share morning tea as a result of a power outage at our usual shed.  For some it was a trip down memory lane as this was the norm many years ago when the volunteers had no shed or cover and used to sit on their upturned buckets around the Gazebo....... 


A few historic photos of how it used to be for morning tea!!!!

January 2019


The roses have been blooming brilliantly all throughout January despite some extended periods of very high temperatures. Volunteers and visitors alike have been pleasantly surprised.




 The volunteers have continually deadheaded to promote the constant growth of new flowers and it has certainly been very successful. Visitors can't stop taking photos.

December 2018

The Vibrantly coloured climber Westerland on the Arch between Petals B&C is doing well.
Makybe Diva with its soft colouring and tightly formed buds is a favourite for photographs.
As always St Patrick catches the eye. C15
The Weeper Heideschnee surrounds visitors as they pose for their photos. BW18

November 2018

Wed. 14th & 21st November.  Back to work! 

The misty rain didn't stop the volunteers on Wednesday from dead heading and generally doing a tidy up after the State Rose & Garden Show.

November 2018 10 - 11

State Rose & Garden Show 2018

Photos by Jennifer.
Photos by Jennifer.
Photos by Jennifer.
Photos by Jennifer.
Photos by Jennifer.
Photos by Jennifer.





Photos by Jennifer.
Photos by Jennifer.

November 2018

Broader Garden Views ........



Masses of blooms in the Leaf. A sea of colour swims into the distance.
La Marseillaise rose prompted this friendly dance amongst the blooms.

To top

October 2018

All these photos were taken on the 17th October. Every day more roses are bursting into flower. The warm weather and sunshine is very welcome indeed. 

Camaïeux catches the eye on the Heritage Border.
Golden Wings is spectacular on the Heritage Border.
A long view of bushes in full bloom on the Heritage Border.
Thank you B20 looking perfect in every way.
Maria Callas (C22) as vibrant as ever.
Maria Callas bed (C22) flowering profusely.
Molineux in the David Austin bud sparkles brilliantly in the sunlight.
The new Gazebo is ready to welcome weary visitors.
Busy volunteers taking a break near our newly planted Gazebo.
Double Delight C21 Climbing version of an old favourite.
Nancy Hayward DF8 on the festoons.
Honey Dijon (D10) is an unusual mustard colour which fades into pink. Beautiful bud.


This was the pre flowering panorama. Flowers are opening daily now.



Joy of Life describes how the volunteers feel when in the garden.
Vibrant colour attracts the eye.
All hands on deck for mulching.
Protecting new roses from rabbits.
Let's Celebrate. Another individual flower brightening our day. October 3rd.
Bees hard at work in the Heritage Border

September 2018

Facebook Editor Christine took these beautiful photos as Winter Pruning finished. 

We have officially finished winter pruning. Now volunteers are weeding (big job), trying to rabbit proof some roses & fertilize etc and we stop now and again to enjoy the roses. Now we watch new growth and buds developing. The frantic rush of pruning is over and there IS time to smell the roses!!


August 2018

July 2018

Pruning is progressing well in all areas. Big teams work together on beds and specialist teams concentrate on their areas.

Just beginning on a festoon. Before Shot!
Foggy early start to another Wednesday. Before shot!
Well into the pruning so an after shot of the team's work.
Our beautiful new Gazebo ready to supply a seat to the weary!

June 2018

Pruning News 20th June 

Thankfully the volunteers were blessed with fine sunny weather again to get on with the pruning.

The experienced Tripod team pruning together within the Tudor Rose.
Weeping Standards team are working painstakingly as usual on the weepers.
Blue wrens dart around the roses as the pruners work.
The striking blue coloured male stands out against the mulch & green of the stems.
They ignore the work going on around them.
By contrast the female fairy wren almost blends into the mulch.


Although still off limits, the new Gazebo is looking good. 20.6.18
Hope to be able to use it soon.! 20.06.18

Pruning News 13th June 

Teams were at the ready on 13th June to tackle the enormous job of pruning the 5500 roses. 

Lots of discussion and deliberation at this early stage of the pruning season.
Pruning is always done in large groups to support all levels of experience.
Experienced pruner Nola seen here wrestling the thorns.

May 2018

Photos taken 30th May

Three roses for the price of one! So many different colours on the same rose. What an amazing rose is Dame Elizabeth Murdoch, much like the lady herself. 

Dame Elizabeth Murdoch B8
Dame Elizabeth Murdoch B8
Dame Elizabeth Murdoch B8
Bold Seduction Bud & full bouquet of delicate pastel ruffles. C11
Peter Frankenfeld B22 grabs attention with its striking colour.

Working at the rose garden never stops.

Whilst pruning demos were being given other groups were weeding and putting up guards to protect the roses from severe rabbit damage.

A team of volunteers are fitting plastic guards around young roses to protect them from rabbits.
Close up of the damage inflicted on the stems.
Prevention from further damage is a high priority.

MAY 2018

The Gazebo, the favourite of many wedding photos, had become unsafe and needed to be replaced. It was dismantled very quickly & without fuss. HOPEFULLY THE NEW GAZEBO GOES UP AS QUICKLY!!!

The Gazebo partly dismantled on 16th May.
In a flash it was just a pile of rubbish. 16TH May
Joy of life enlivened a dull, overcast morning. 16th May
Parole had lots of huge flowers as usual.

APRIL 2018

Duet looking a picture in Petal B11
Early morning watering.
Early morning watering.
More sprinklers activity
Early morning sprinklers in action.
Camp David
Camp David in Petal C14
Fabulous in Petal B0

March 2018

Hips, Hips and more Hips!

February 2018

Bev Graham & Shirley are all original members of the Supporters group and have 75 years of volunteering experience between them. Amazing.
Longstanding friends & volunteers, Bev, Graham & Shirley are enjoying another volunteering day together.
Bev & Shirley dead heading Fire & Ice. 50 years of volunteering experience between them is certainly a great achievement!
Bev travels from McCrae to volunteer, seen here deadheading Shady Lady.

The History of the VSRG SUPPORTERS  ( an excerpt from the booklet by Wal Johnston)

 The Victoria State Rose Garden would not exist had it not been for the Supporters Group.  This is an attempt to tell their story from its origins back in 1993.

 Readers are advised that to learn of the history of the Rose garden and its origins they should consult the VSRG Booklet History and Origins of the Victoria State Rose Garden” by James Lyall Priestly OAM. 

 The origin of the Supporters Group was a talk and public pruning demonstration at the Melton Garden Centre (now defunct) in January 1993.  The demonstrator, Mr James L. Priestly OAM (Jim) was asking visitors to sign a petition to save the Victoria State Rose Garden. 

 The garden was being looked after by five stalwarts of the Rose Society of Victoria, but it had got beyond their capabilities as they all resided in the eastern suburbs and were all of retirement age.  The five were James Priestly, Sam Gough, Arthur Haynes, Ted Phillips, and Ern Pietsch (The Pioneers).  The grass was out of control and the plants were covered in hips and deadheads.

 Because of this the Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works, who controlled Werribee Park at that time, were seriously considering their options. Hence the petition by Jim Priestly who, as founder of the garden, had a vested interest in keeping the garden going.  One visitor suggested a public appeal in the local newspaper, the Werribee Banner, for volunteers to assist in maintaining the garden.

 The Banner entries are so significant to the origins of the Supporters that they are reproduced here.





Volunteers are needed to help save the Victoria State Rose Garden at Werribee Park.  Meanwhile the man who designed it wants to be allowed to finish what he started.

By Caroline Overington

 Melbourne Water is considering a plan to build a two-storey rotunda in the centre of the Victoria State Rose Garden at Werribee Park.

The proposal put forward by ground staff includes fencing a section of the rose garden earmarked for an observation mound and sundial.

Areas originally earmarked for stages two and three of the garden would be fenced and used as sheep pastures.

The proposal has stunned the man who designed the rose garden, James Priestly OAM.

“Before the rose garden, visitors to Victoria would contact the rose society wanting to know where they could go to see roses.  I had to send them to the Springvale Crematorium”, Mr. Priestly said. “I wrote to Premier Hamer and said it was stupid to be the Garden State without a rose garden and he said okay; make one”.

Mr Priestly designed the garden to look like a Tudor rose.  The completed stage one is in the shape of a rose head with five petals separated by paths.  The stem of the rose pokes out between petals B and C. (Editor’s Note - the stem actually pokes out between Petals A and E)  Stage two would be in the shape of a leaf and planted with Australian raised roses.

Stage three would be in the shape of a smaller leaf planted with historical and miniature roses.

There would also be trial beds in the shape of thorns.

The centre of the rose was to be marked by a water fountain.

“We wanted a fountain, not a rotunda.  We wanted something that would dribble water, something subtle and classic.” Mr Priestly said.  

Mr Priestly said the rotunda would be out of place in the rose garden.  

“It is supposed to be a place of peace and quiet, a place to contemplate.’ he said. “Imagine how much thinking you could get done with jazz bands playing and others on electric guitars”.

Supporters of the Melbourne Water plan say the rotunda would attract more people to the rose garden, particularly for weddings.

Money would be saved if land earmarked for stages two and three were used as sheep pastures.

Melbourne Water currently spends about $48,000 on the maintenance of the garden.

Melbourne Water is responsible for weeding, deadheading, trimming, spraying and watering the roses and pays about $48,000 a year to have this done.  Summer trimming and winter pruning is left to a group of five volunteers, including Mr Priestly.

“All the volunteers currently come from the eastern suburbs”, Mr Priestly said.

“What we really want is some people from Werribee to lend a hand.  Volunteers are needed to ‘deadhead’ the roses, or remove dead flowers from the plants, which encourages repeat flowering.  We can teach volunteers how to dead head.” Mr Priestly said.

“All they need is enthusiasm, willingness to work and a few spare hours once a fortnight.”

Mr Priestly wants Melbourne Water to donate $40,000 of the $48,000 it spends maintaining the garden to the volunteers.

“We would put that money straight back into the rose garden” he said.  “We would soon have the garden we planned”.





 The man who designed the State Rose Garden thanks those who want to save it.

More than 20 have volunteered to tend the plants at the Victorian State Rose Garden at Werribee Park.  The man who designed the garden, James Priestly, last week called for volunteers to trim and prune the roses.

Melbourne Water, which owns Werribee Park and the garden, is responsible for weeding, trimming, spraying and watering the roses.

However, summer trimming and winter pruning is left to a group of five volunteers, including Mr Priestly. Prior to a story in the Werribee Banner last week, all of Mr Priestly’s volunteers were from the eastern suburbs.  Mr Priestly wanted people from Werribee to lend a hand.

“I was very happy with the response,” Mr Priestly said.  “Myself and Werribee Park, got heaps of calls”
Dozens of people also called the Werribee Banner.

Now Mr Priestly has about 10 committed volunteers but still wants more.

He believes the enthusiasm for the garden shown by locals, means his original concept for its completion might go ahead.

 There will be a meeting for volunteers at 2.30pm this Sunday at the Rose Garden.


 So, on the 21st February 1993, 50 volunteers met with Jim Priestley in the garden and the Victoria State Rose Garden Supporters (VSRGS) started. 

January 2018

Speech given by Wal Johnston at a special morning tea for Veronica O'Brien.


And so we say farewell to another long serving member of the Supporters.  As an honorary Life Member, Veronica remains a member, albeit from a distance.  We know she will be keeping an eye on us through the website and Facebook.

With over 24 years as a volunteer in the Garden Veronica has been involved in the many victories and the few defeats.  She has been a member of Council for a number of years. She has been involved with training newcomers. She has supervised the planting of new roses.  Veronica has also promoted the Garden with talks to interested groups, including gardening clubs. This entailed hours of preparation, travelling and with no recompense.   – the list goes on. 

Her service to the Garden was rewarded in 2005 with her being granted Honorary Life Member.  

One of her passions and an enormous benefit to our Garden was her work on the Replacement Team. She joined the team around 2007 and took over the sourcing and ordering of the replacement plants in early 2009.  With strong ideas of what we need in the Garden, she has had to argue and bargain with her fellow members of the team.  Dealing with some suppliers and our Council has often been frustrating, but she won through regardless.

Veronica has never been afraid to take on tasks and so she was elected to the position of President in September 2010.  As any ex-President will tell you, this experience was satisfying and enjoyable.  Veronica was an excellent President but I am sure that she breathed a sigh of relief when her two years were up.

She is moving to the NSW coast where she and husband Tom will be renting. She tells me she has the start of a rose garden there – one sick plant and one not too well, but already she has made contact with her friends who just happen to be rose breeders.  She is assuring them that she would be able to trial their new breedings in her new garden.  After all she has to do something while Tom is out playing golf.

Veronica, we wish you well in your new endeavor and hope that you will visit us when you are down this way.

Veronica standing by her favourite rose and enjoying its perfume. PAROLE
All the Rose Replacement Team members were still working!
Veronica continuing with her Rose Society promotion role.
Veronica shared her thoughts on how much the 24 years spent involved with the garden meant to her.
The many supporters enjoyed the delicious cake cut and shared before the speeches.
Wal spoke of Veronica's important contribution to the development of the garden.
Secretary Margret & Veronica enjoying the reminiscences.
Adam shared some thoughts on the long working relationship with Veronica.

January 2018

Speech given by Wal Johnston at a special morning tea for Joan Broadstock.


Joan has decided to desert us for the cold wilds of Ballarat.  She is not resigning from membership of the Garden as she has been an Honorary Life Member since 1999.

Joan, with her late husband, Len, joined as a foundation member in 1993.  This means she is just shy of twenty-five years of active service.  

She has been involved with just about every aspect of the Garden, working in the Tudor Rose, in the Heritage Border, and in the Bud. She was part of the teams who planned, sourced and planted the first Heritage Border, the Australian Leaf and the Bud.  She has been an excellent trainer and looked after the new chums with her casual but effective manner.  (Probably remembering her own time under the severe tutelage of the pioneers.)

There are many activities Joan has been involved with.  For example she was on the Rose Replacement team for a while. She shared in the activity of presenting our Garden to the World Federation of Rose Societies for the Garden of Excellence Award. She was the co-ordinator for the Heritage Roses in Australia VSRG Group.  She was involved with applications for grants from various organisations.  The list goes on.

Joan was instrumental in arranging home visits, where members opened up their gardens for the rest of the Garden crew to come and admire.  She always opened her own garden for us to visit.  This practice has not been held for some time, but is not forgotten by those of us who enjoyed the visits (and the morning teas).

Joan was our very efficient Secretary for nine years.  In that time, using her son’s expertise, she organized a computer generated data base which allowed us to keep the rose and personnel records up to date.  For years she made sure that the system was operating and being used.  She trained many people in its use.

She became our President in 2014 and we enjoyed two years under her guidance.

We wish you well, Joan, in your new endeavor and trust that you will come and visit us on a regular basis.  After all, Ballarat is not that far and we will miss you. 

Photo taken in the Bud.
Fittingly, Wal giving a speech of thanks on behalf of the supporters.
Joan enjoying the reminiscences.
Joan responding with her own reflections.
Cutting a celebratory cake.
Joan once again in the bud.
Parks staff shared in the celebration.
Sharing a laugh with friends & fellow supporters.
Pausing in front of late husband Len's favourite rose, Red Cedar.
Sharing a laugh at morning tea.

State Rose & Garden Show 2017

State Rose & Garden Show 2017
A Blue Wren didn't mind the crowd.
State Rose & Garden Show 2017
Some volunteers worked throughout the show
State Rose & Garden Show 2017
There were so many photo opportunities.
State Rose & Garden Show 2017
State Rose & Garden Show 2017
Photo by Neil
Photo by Neil
Photo by Neil
Photo by Neil
Photo by Neil
Photo by Neil

November 2017

Volunteers have worked tirelessly to finish mulching and all other jobs in preparation for the all important Rose & Garden Show.

October 2017

Everyone has been working so hard to prepare the Rose Garden for the STATE ROSE & GARDEN SHOW. 

Volunteers have been busy weeding, fertilising, mulching and repairing any damage done by wind, rain, possums & rabbits as best they can. Guards added around new plants are continually checked to ensure the best protection.  



Australian Sunrise LB4
China Sunrise LA9 (Zhang Zou Shuang)

September 2017

Shirley Cameron with her Wyndham Council Community Volunteer Award.

News To Celebrate.

Shirley Cameron has won a Wyndham Council Community Volunteer Award for her long time commitment as a volunteer at the Victoria State Rose Garden. (over 25 years) She has also been a long standing Birdlife Australia champion and supporter. Shirley has always been heavily involved with volunteering in her community with her latest commitment being the Werribee Information Centre located at the Werribee Zoo. 

We are very proud of you here at VSRG and of the well deserved recognition of such outstanding community volunteering.  

August 2017

Everyone was all smiles for the visit by our Patron, Jane Edmanson, on 16th August. 

Jane was happy to chat with the volunteers & share her expertise.
Long time volunteers Valda & Margherita love a cuppa.
Helen, Heather and Leonie enjoying Jane Edmanson's talk.
Morning tea! That welcome respite from pruning!

July 2017

So many wonderful volunteers on 26th July we nearly ran out of chairs!
Surveying the tasks completed and those still to be handled!
Partly hidden, sheltering in the exposed branches of the festoons, are two Fairy Wrens.(Photo by Bev)
Welcome sunshine as yet another bed in the Tudor Rose is completed being pruned.

Wed July 19th, the 6th week of pruning was a washout. Continuous rain caused the cancellation of pruning for the day. A small group of hopeful volunteers locked up at 9.30 and went home. 

 Week 5 of Pruning, 12th July saw frosty conditions for the early arrivals.

The frost on the blades of grass makes a beautiful pattern.
Arriving early saw many frosty starts for the volunteers.
The pruned tripods look like stark sculptures waiting to transform.
Volunteers enjoy the large teams of pruners all working together.
Another scene of tidying up after the roses have been pruned.
Volunteers share their expertise with those around them.

June 2017

28th June. Week 3 of Pruning.  

All volunteers celebrated at morning tea the enormous contribution of longstanding member, Life Member,  Glenis Mackie. Sadly Glenis is moving away to live closer to her family so will no longer be able to work in the garden. She will be sorely missed. Thank you Glenis. 

Quiet achiever Glenis sharing reminiscences with her fellow volunteers.
Glenis Mackie with another longstanding Rose Garden volunteer Shirley Cameron.

Third Week of Pruning. 

Teams of volunteers work systematically through the beds to prune for maximum flowers. Each bed has different needs so decisions have to be made by the team bed by bed. We always cut out dead, dying, diseased and small, useless low  side growths. (diddly bits) After that is cleared out it's easy!!!!

A pause for team discussion on pruning type. We prune for maximum blooms.
A different team collaborating on strategies for this particular rose.
A beautifully pruned bed worked on by Stanton. Looks almost Japanese.
Petal E is already finished and looking neat and so different to those roses still waiting!!!!!

JUNE 2017

To prepare for pruning, which commenced on 14th June, experienced pruners conducted demonstrations over two Wednesdays for newer volunteers. (31st May, 7th June)  

The Public Pruning demonstrations will be held on Saturday 24th June from 10.00 till 1.00. Come along and brush up on your own skills in readiness for pruning your own roses. 

Marlene demonstrates pruning techniques.
President Lex instructs another group nearby.

MAY 2017


The recent cold snap has caused a great change in the Rose Garden. Although there are still lots of roses blooming and many beds full of green, dense foliage, the cold has certainly caused lots of leaf loss. 

 Big Morning Tea, Cancer Fundraiser - $287.00

A big thank you to all who donated both food and money at our recent Big Morning Tea for Cancer fundraiser. Great effort everyone.

Check up on all the latest news about what is happening in the garden on Facebook. Beautiful photos, lots of likes and wonderful comments.

Bees are in abundance with so many vibrantly coloured flowers to choose from.
Pacific black ducks utilizing the carpark puddles.
Insects are invaluable workers in the garden too. This spider had quite a collection in its web.
Gold Finch hidden amongst the branches.
Inquisitive Red-Browed Finch insect hunting.
Fairy Wrens just ignore volunteers.

April 2017

The Garden is a mixture of roses flowering strongly with many buds still forming and opening freely. The leaf growth ranges from lush to sparse. As the supporters have ceased dead heading the roses will gradually stop flowering and form hips. As the cold weather increases the leaves will drop and the garden will be ready for pruning. We do have some flowers right throughout June.

The stunning, starkly white Amazing Grace is a rose to make you stop in the Leaf section. (LB15)
Geoff, a weeping standard expert is already pruning the Spring once flowering weeping standards. Good Luck!!
Birds nests are appearing as the leaves thin out. This one is under an arch.
Several Tripods of Iceberg are still putting on a great display. (CT1)
A close up look at the open form of Seduction blooms.
Seduction tripod is flowering strongly.
Joy of Life, (CT21) still growing strongly.
As dead heading by the supporters has finished you will see more beds with clusters of spent flower heads.
Close up of Vibrant Honey Perfume buds flowering. (B9 Floribunda)
Blue for You (A13) has dark green, luxurious leaves and abundant buds coming on in Petal A
Yvonne Kenny. (E 14) More beds will look like this as the cool weather causes the leaves to drop.

Remember to put in your diary to visit in the Spring for a glorious display.

March 2017

BIRD VISITORS to Victoria State Rose Garden

Grey Butcherbird
Fairy Wren
Fairy Wren
Red Robin
White Backed Magpie
Willy Wagtails
Grey Butcher Bird
Brush Wattle Bird
Pacific Black Duck & ducklings
Pacific Black Duck & ducklings
New Holland Honeyeater
Gold Finch
Gold Finch with young
Soaring Eagle
Red-Browed Finch

February 2017

January 2017

PLAN A VISIT!!!!!!!!! 

Wonderful place for a relaxing picnic.

Supporters almost lost in the luxuriant foliage.
Barrier to conversation!!!!

December 2016

State Rose & Garden Show 2016

The STATE ROSE & GARDEN SHOW had 12,500 Visitors over the 2 days. 

On 19th & 20th November, Werribee put on an amazing display at the Rose and Garden Show.  The Rose Garden looked glorious and team of volunteers from the Rose Garden should be commended for the work they do.  The program of quality presenters, the channel 7 broadcasts on Friday night and the perfect weather combined  to ensure record numbers.
At the event the team from Werribee Visitor Information Centre spoke to over 1200 people from all over Victoria and from some exotic locations such as Mauritius. (Tourism Matters Newsletter.)

You don't have to wait till the 2017 show to learn the answers to all those questions that have been bugging you for a long time.  You could always volunteer at the garden. What a fabulous place to volunteer........ Enjoy the following photos.........

November 2016

So in Love Trial Bed B
Outback Angel with Brass Band in the background.
Brilliant photo by Cathy Buchanan
Mother & Daughter. E07 (Motor Neurone Disease fundraiser)
Geranium Hf Very large, single striking flowers.
Veilchenblau EF1 Rambler

October 2016

Many beds are in full bloom whilst all others are heavy with buds. Don't miss this magnificent display!

Mulching is nearly complete in the Leaf.
Ted leads the team who looks after the Leaf.
Australian Sunrise LB4 This one is worth seeking out.
Memoire D ST4 This Avenue just needs the bride!
Brass Band Avenue
Minnie Watson LB2


Individual blooms in a variety of beds keep appearing to herald the glorious display to come!

Double Delight HT E16
Golden Girls Flor B17
Valencia HT Petal D17
Jesse Clark gigantea Hyb Heritage Border

Colourful new leaf growth abounds in all areas and buds are swelling getting ready to burst into colour. Come & visit the garden & have a chat to the volunteers any Wednesday or Saturday morning.  Better still think about volunteering yourself!

Tradition Arch AB
Golden Gate Arch AE

Early Spring to Summer photos of the arches.

September 2016

On 7th September 54 Members attended the 2016 AGM including the Garden co- designer, Mervyn Hayman Danker. The attendees were fortunate to have an interesting address by Mr Hayman Danker on the process undertaken to create the Garden and the roles played by many people to make it happen.
Following are both the outgoing President's report for 2015/2016 and the incoming President's Address outlining his goals for the coming 2 years.

Victoria State Rose Garden Supporters President's Report  2015-2016 presented by Joan Broadstock at AGM

It is my pleasure to present this Annual report on behalf of the Council of the Victoria State Rose Garden Supporters.

I think you will all agree that the Rose Garden is as good as it gets! You can’t really improve on perfection.. We have been fortunate that there has been such good rain this season. It makes such a difference. Well, after lots of  lobbying, we have at last the good news that the Rose garden watering system is to have the  upgrade that it deserves, so it will improve! This is a huge project including the Werribee Park gardens as well, so it will  take some time to complete.

It is an appropriate time to reflect on our activities over the past year.

The normal annual tasks of pruning, deadheading, mulching, fertilising, weeding, sucker removal etc. have been carried out with ever-increasing efficiency, and good humour.  In addition we have:

  •  Renovated three tired rosebeds and planted 114 new roses.
  • Installed brick rose signs and bed numbers as required. 
  • Produced a new leaflet for the Heritage Border.
  • Erected a new box for this near the entry from the turnstile.
  • Acquired a Defibrillator  and instructed members in its use.
  • First Aid team upgraded their qualifications, and keep up with the latest best practise.

Apart from this all-important practical application of our efforts to maintain and improve the Garden, there is the social aspect, which is as important, if not more so!  Happy volunteers mean the rose garden  thrives.

  • Barbecues each month, and weekly ones during winter pruning. 
  • We are often joined by Parks staff, providing an opportunity to get to know each other better. 
  • Morning tea, as well as a welcome break, is an opportunity to catch up on news of the garden and absent friends and to share a joke and a story or two.

With an eye to publicity for, and promotion of the VSRG we have been represented at the:

  • STATE  ROSE and GARDEN SHOW over two days in November here in our rose garden.
  • Rose Society of Victoria Rose Show in Spring. 
  • Contributed articles to the Victorian Rose News and Heritage Roses Australia Journal. 
  • Interviews for the Weekend Australian, The Weekend Age, and the Wyndham Star Weekly.
  • VSRG  Web Page, a huge success, is becoming increasingly popular.
  • VSRG  Facebook page is spreading the news far and wide. 
  • Wyndham  Volunteers morning tea and other events give us a chance to meet other local volunteers.
  • The Award received from the Heritage Council of Victoria recently recognised our contribution over the years.

We would like to put on record our appreciation of the interest, work, and co-operation of Werribee Park’s  staff and Rangers. Though they are not ‘volunteers’ their enthusiasm for the Victoria State Rose Garden, is obvious.

Our grateful thanks also to our sponsors, Treloar Roses and Neutrog fertilizer.

Next year there will be some changes in our Council. Members you all know well, who will retire are;

Nola Bradford, Veronica O’Brien, Sue Myers, Rhondda Timberlake, Alex Quinn and Cheryl Brooks.

These Volunteers are dedicated to to the success of our group and to making sure that the VSRG is one of the best Rose Gardens in the world. We all owe them a debt of gratitude! Of course they will be here as usual working among us and the benefit of their knowledge and experience is yours for the asking.

For me, this is the end of my term as President. It has been a great experience! I will always be glad I took on the job. One of the great joys has been getting to know the members so much better. My sincere thanks to all for your support

I  wish Lex and the new Council all the very best in the coming two years.  

Margret Smith will remain as Secretary, Cheri Slipais and Neil Anderson as Vice Presidents and

Michelle Mayne will take over from Nola as Treasurer. 

Councillors returning are Graham Otte, Anne Long, Leonie Freeman and Marlene Duggan.

New are Nancy Rubino, Joe Bertolini, Tom Blackhurst, and Judy Peckham. Jenny Pratt will be Minute Secretary.

We thank all of you! and  know you will bring great ideas, enthusiasm and continued success to the VSRG. 

Joan Broadstock

Incoming President, Lex Hodge's Address

 Incoming President Lex Hodge thanked Joan for performing all her presidential duties so well – meeting & welcoming visiting dignitaries, chairing Council meetings, working and consolidating the chain of command with Parks and producing the newsletter. 

Lex said he would also like to thank, Wal for his interesting stories, Glenis Mackie for her committed work in removing rose suckers, Christine and Cheryl for their work on the Website and Facebook, Marlene for ordering fertiliser and tools, Joe for doing the BBQ and salads, and Joe Nancy & other members who have brought in cakes etc., for our morning teas – and all members for doing a fantastic job in the garden.

Lex said the goals he was setting for the next two years were:

      * Increasing membership.

      * Improving irrigation.

        *  Weed elimination.

        *  Nutrient stabilization in the soil.

        *  Investigation and planning for a viewing mound.

September 2016

All areas of the Rose Garden have responded to great conditions of plentiful rain and sustained warmth with strong, healthy growth. The volunteers are looking forward to masses of flowers just around the corner.

The tripods are covering their frames completely.
Blue Wrens are plentiful throughout the garden.
Tudor Rose beds display glossy, burgundy new growth.
As with all the other areas the festoons are growing strongly.
Weeping standards are covered in luxurious growth.
This is the petal we commenced our pruning & growth is abundant & healthy.

August 2016

Pruning progress report from President Joan

We began in Petal B in June and are now we have finished the Tudor Rose.  This includes not just the beds of bush roses but also, Festoons, Tripods, Weepers, Arches and Avenues. The Heritage border is getting its fair share of attention too. New roses are being planted there to fill spaces as well. The Australian Leaf is not missing out either. Every team knows what to do and they do it! The cooperation is magnificent. The Bud is usually left till last but by the time we get to it we are so confident and fast that the roses all but dodge! The birds don’t dodge though as they consider themselves part of the team. They think we are just there to stir up the insects for them.

As always we are well supported by the WP team, Danny, Adam, Hasan and others who fill and empty the trailers. It’s a hive of industry and great fun.

Looking across the pruned beds sprouting new growth.
Pruners are deciding the shape of the Bud climbers.

August 2016

November is the best month to see masses of blooms.



As we brave the chill weather and continue to enjoy pruning and shaping the garden again, we remember what the garden will look like in just 3 months time.......  

July 2016

Volunteers brave the cold to keep on track with the Winter prune. As we near the 9th week of pruning the Tudor Rose is almost complete. The larger proportion of pruners then move into the Leaf Section and the Bud. The volunteers working in the specialist areas will also lend a hand once their areas are completed.  

Progress of pruning is obvious across the beds.
President Joan seems happy with the progress.

JUNE 2016

MAY 2016

These photos were taken on the first two Wednesdays in May. There are still so many roses in bloom that we are wondering how we will be able to commence pruning on 8th June!!!
Perhaps this spell of cold weather will make the leaves drop and the flowers will stop? 

So many buds in Mid May!
Fire & Ice
Honey Perfume 09
Maxi Vita (Between Mounds)
Golden Girls B17
Thank You B20
Daybreaker B1
Daybreaker B1

APRIL 2016

April 27th collection of blooms. ENJOY! and plan a visit.

Colorama HT B14
Vibrant bed of Colorama
Colorama tight bud.
Iceberg Tripod CT 6
Fiona's Wish E13 Hybrid Tea
Pope John Paul 11 HT C07
Pope John Paul 11 HT C07
Parole D20
Dame Elizabeth Murdoch B8
Honey Perfume (Floribunda)
Shady Lady B16 (Shrub)
Volunteers checking the roses.
Mother & Daughter E7 Floribunda
Mother & Daughter E7 Floribunda
Mother & Daughter E7 Floribunda

APRIL 2016

What an inspiring place for an Autumn walk. Visitors take countless photos as at every turn there is another photo opportunity. Make sure you walk along the Heritage Border. 

Golden Wings, in the Heritage Border
Golden Wings, close to the Bud
Golden Wings, simply stunning

HIPS, HIPS and more HIPS!!

March 2016

Pictured from left Stanton (convenor First Aiders) Joan Broadstock (President VSRGS), Dino Gulizia Branch Manager, Cheri & Anne (First Aiders)



Bendigo Bank Branch Manager presents a defibrillator to VSRG Volunteers.

On Wednesday 30th March Dino Gulizia, Werribee Bendigo Bank Branch Manager, presented a defibrillator to President Joan Broadstock. He was thanked by the volunteers at the State Rose Garden for his contribution to  the purchase of the defibrillator.

The volunteers had been looking to purchase a defibrillator unit for some time. They approached the Bendigo Bank who contributed $1800 towards this life-saving piece of equipment. Some training sessions have been held on its use, but the volunteers hope that this piece of equipment never needs to be used. 


On Wednesday 23rd March, Eva Major, the Treasurer of the Werribee Garden Club, visited the Rose Garden during morning tea to present a cheque for $500.00 to the President, Joan Broadstock. All the supporters gathered there were surprised and delighted with the large donation which will be put towards maintaining the State Rose Garden. 

A big thank you to the members of the Werribee Garden Club for their much appreciated support.

MARCH 2016

We have a commemoration "Angela Rose Taylor" rose blooming magnificently at the moment in the leaf section of the garden. 

Constable Angela Rose Taylor, 21, died from her injuries 24 days after the bombing of Russell Street police headquarters on Easter Thursday, 27 March 1986.

The young policewoman killed after a car bomb exploded in front of the force headquarters in Melbourne has been remembered 30 years after the tragedy - and awarded a service medal.


Angela Rose Taylor
Angela Rose Taylor (in Leaf Section B)
Gallipoli (Located in Trial Bed)
Gremlin (Located in Trial Bed)
So in Love (Located inTrial Bed)
Amazing Grace (at entrance to Leaf)
Slim Dusty (In Trial Bed)
Sweet Intoxication (In Trial Bed)

February 2016

On 17th February 2016 Joan Broadstock, VSRGS president, together with Parks Victoria staff, planted a sapling from the River Red Gum, Separation Tree (now dead) in the R M Botanic Gardens.

Tim Pallas( MP) gave  this sapling to the VSRGS after he met with them at the Wyndham Rose & Garden Show. It was considered more appropriate to plant it in the magnificent Werribee Park  Mansion Gardens where it can be seen from the rose garden.



Hadn't visited the BUD for some time but so many distractions and photo opportunities on the way made it difficult to just walk straight there! Maxi Vita on either side of the path between the Mounds grabbed attention and shouted "Take a photo or two!!" 

Tried to go straight into the Bud entrance but the Heritage Border beckoned!! Poulsen's Delight was ....well... delightful! 

Finally made it ....and the Bud was wonderful. Enjoy the photos.

Maxi Vita, near the mounds, was a great photo opportunity.
Maxi Vita located between the mounds.
Poulsen's Delight in the Heritage Border.
Crocus Rose (2000) David Austin Bud
The Pilgrim (David Austin Bud)
Golden Celebration (1992) David Austin
Molineux (David Austin Bud)


On Wednesday 9th December Parks Victoria Rangers presented certificates, recognising 10 years and 20 years of volunteer service at the Victoria State Rose Garden, to 45 appreciative volunteers. It is an amazing achievement that so many people have willingly volunteered for so many years. 

Thank you Parks Victoria for the recognition and accolade.  


VOTING RESULTS for the best perfumed rose at the STATE ROSE AND GARDEN SHOW. 

MISTER LINCOLN...145....Parole....122......Papa Meilland   88....Heaven Scent 87.  These Roses were Polled over two days.  The Children's Rose was only shown on one day and scored 87

Other roses shown were Olde Fragrance....Ebbtide ....Darcy Bussell...Pat Austin...Sweet Intoxication...Double Delight...Young Lycidas ....The Wedding Rose and Chrysler Imperial

 Lots of people enjoyed casting their vote for the rose with the best perfume.

November 2015

JOAN BROADSTOCK  PRESIDENT, Supporters Group for "Weekend Australian"

DESCRIBE THE GARDEN: It’s on 5 hectare adjacent to the historic Werribee Park Mansion, which is about halfway between Melbourne and Geelong. The Rose garden was officially opened in 1986 and now has more than 5000 roses. The design is in the shape of a five-petalled Tudor rose; those beds contain modern hybrid tea and floribunda roses. Pathways acts as a rose ‘stem’, leading to a rosebud-shaped section containing David Austin roses, and the Federation Leaf area containing Australian-bred roses. Around the perimeter are old species and heritage roses.
The roses are trained in many ways on arches, tripods, festoons and as weeping standards. It’s world-renowned and we get a lot of international rose enthusiasts visiting. We’re open every day of the year and it’s free to visit.

BIGGEST CHALLENGES: Although Parks Victoria manages the site, it would be impossible to maintain a garden of this size without volunteers. It is labor intensive! There are over a hundred in our group and we give over 10,000 hours of our time annually. The volunteers group started in 1993 to save the garden, and a few have here since that first day. We work Saturdays and Wednesdays and there’s always plenty of us turn up.
We’re a very active group and run the garden autonomously, even arranging for sponsorship from rose growers such as Treloar Roses and Neutrog. Fertilizers. We have all the roses on an audited database so we know exactly what we have.

SPECIAL EVENT: Next weekend, November 14-15, is the State Rose and Garden Show, from 10am-3pm. It’s free to attend and is a really festive occasion. There are some big names in gardening giving talks, such as Jane Edmanson, Angus Stewart and John Patrick from Gardening Australia, SBS’s Vasili Kanidiadis and Channel 9’s Melissa King.

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: The fact that it’s run by volunteers. It was awarded Garden of Excellence status by the World Federation of Rose Societies, the first in the southern hemisphere and the first rose garden run by volunteers to be honored with this award
More than 50 stallholders sell roses, other plants and all sorts of garden goodies and there’s a jazz band in the gazebo. For children there are lawn games and face painting. It’s a real carnival atmosphere. You can bring a picnic or taste a range of food from the food trucks. The volunteers will be giving guided tours and answering all sorts of rose questions over both days, as we’re thrilled to showcase the garden.


October 2015

The Heritage Border is ahead of all the other sections of the Garden with a wonderful, vibrant display. 

These photos of the flowers blooming all along the Heritage Border were taken by Christine Menegazzo, VSRG Facebook editor. Check out our Facebook Page to see so many more. 


October 2015

The roses are responding to recent warm weather with more roses blooming in all parts of the garden. The Heritage Border is especially beautiful, more so every week. Tripods are coming into flower in many places and whole beds are bursting into flower now. Put a visit in your diary in the coming weeks and be rewarded with a marvellous spectacle. 

October 2015

We would like to acknowledge and thank Incitec Pivot for their kind donation of 12 bags of Gran-Am Fertiliser to cover the spring fertilising regime.

The support of sponsors make the upkeep of the garden viable.
The rose garden was fertilised last week by the supporters with Gran-Am Fertiliser kindly donated by Incitec Pivot Fertilisers.

September 2015

Mulching continues and in the few short weeks since pruning finished the garden is once more awash with fresh burgundy and green new growth. 

September 2015

At our recent AGM Awards were made to six of our our long standing members.

Life Membership of VSRGS was awarded to Valda Bindon and Brian Bindon.
Certificates for fifteen years of service to the VSRGS were awarded to Neville Arthur, Ray Luttick, Bev Edwards and Neil Edwards. 

Valda Bindon & Brian Bindon proudly holding their Life Membership Awards.
Neville Arthur and Ray Luttick displaying their 15 Year Service Awards.
Neil & Bev Edwards displaying their 15 year Service Awards

August 2015

A very big group of satisfied volunteers gathered for a photo after the end of pruning amidst the denuded bushes.

JULY 2015

The volunteers have been blessed with beautiful weather each week so pruning is on track. The teams are already half way through the Tudor Rose. Specialist teams are also happy with the progress in their areas.

The Tripod Pruning team are being aided by the use of the new safety ladders.
Safety glasses are an additional measure to protect all the volunteers.
A hive of activity in the sun.
Come quickly to visit to see the last flowering beds of roses before they turn into............(next picture)
A stark series of canes ready to turn back into the previous riot of colour, but not until Oct/November.

JUNE 2015


Wednesday 3rd June will see the volunteers giving their tools the last sharpen and any other maintenance necessary

Wednesday 10th June will see the volunteers armed with secateurs, loppers, saws, ladders, mats and loads of enthusiasm as they begin the enormous job of pruning. 

Wednesday 17th June was the 2nd week of pruning and all the rustiness was gone and confidence and efficiency took over! The weather was very accommodating and great progress was made.  

Happy pruners commencing the two & half month prune of the Garden 10/6
Everyone has an opinion....which is good!! 10/6
Tripod Pruning commenced with new, safer ladders.
The Weeping Standards pruning team commenced utilising the new ladders likewise. 17/6
Two coordinators oversee the pruning of the Tudor rose with an average of 50 volunteers each Wednesday. 17/6
With further volunteers working on Saturday morning many beds are pruned each session. 17/6

MAY 2015

The colours of the blooms on many roses are different in the Autumn from Spring or Summer.

Molineux (Bud)
Apple Blossom CW2
Daybreaker B1
Shady Lady B16

APRIL 2015

It's official. Deadheading the roses finished on the 25th March.  

Autumn is a wonderful time to be out and about with many calm, warm days, perfect for strolling. There are still lots of flowers on the bushes. So come for a visit before the spent blooms lessen the colourful display. 

 It is not a time to rest however for the volunteers as there is always work to be done at the Garden. Just to name a few jobs for the coming weeks, weeding (never ending) cleaning & reorganising sheds,  pruning in the heritage border, making new mats and cleaning, oiling and sharpening our secateurs carefully for the pruning season in early June. There are also roses to come out and beds to be prepared for the new ones going in! 

March 2015



In March, the Autumn flush of modern roses make it an excellent time to see masses of flowers.  The garden is certainly showing masses of roses. 




Additional to the flower display the Heritage Border is a must see with a stunning display of Hips along its entire length.


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February 2015

With the pressure of deadheading always there I hadn't taken a walk for a few weeks along the Heritage Border and into the Leaf. A big mistake! Both are looking magnificent with so many photo opportunities that I didn't do any work, preferring instead to look closely at such varied, interesting flowers.  

Mutabilis in the Heritage Border is popular with the bees.
There are so many colours floating on the Mutabilis bush as the blooms change colour.
Buff Beauty in the Heritage Border. The tight, bright buds really stand out.
R. roxburghii plena in the Heritage Border. Such a tightly frilled bloom.
Rod Beechy LA14 Another Floribunda attracting a lot of attention.
Victoria Gold LA20. Another wonderful Floribunda.
Take a seat in the Leaf to soak up the wonderful display.
A Young and vigorous Titian Climber on a Tripod in the Leaf.
Governor Macquarie LA22 keeps a tight habit from bud to full bloom.
Governor Macquarie with fully open flower framing the small gazebo.
Blue for You A13 One of our beautiful "blue" roses but not looking very blue.

Early February

Gold'N Fancy B13 a vibrant Floribuna bursting with colour.
Vienna Woods D13 a HT blooming well.
Pink Silk D5 After a quick tidy up the bright balls of colour certainly attracted attention.
Pink Silk bud. At first tight but opening to a very large, heavy full flower.
Daybreaker, another Floribunda, stops you in your tracks with the mass of different colour in just one bed.
Guy Savoy can be found in the Trial Bed in Petal D. I wonder if this rose will make it into the garden?



Deadheading is still the main activity as the volunteers continue to encourage new flowers to keep on coming. There will be an Autumn flush of blooms soon and the weather is usually beautiful for strolling and soaking in the atmosphere. Hope to see many more visitors there amongst the beauty.




Come by any Wednesday or Saturday morning and any of the volunteers will be very happy to have a chat about our roses or yours!!!

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January 2015

La Sevillana BST3. One of the 5 Standard Avenues
The Gazebo is almost obscured by the view across the top of the blooms.

Despite heat, drying winds, storms and torrential rain the Garden continues to look wonderful. This is in no small part to the continual deadheading and constant tidying up by the VSRG Supporters. Put a visit on your holiday schedule.  

December 2014

The Williamstown Camera Club members shared these special photos from their recent visit.

Taken by Cathy Buchanan
Taken by Cathy Buchanan
Taken by Cathy Buchanan
Taken By Sue Searls
Taken by Cathy Buchanan
Taken by Nola Kelsey
Taken by Nola Kelsey
Taken by Sue Searls

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November 2014

November 12th

Whole beds in all directions are in full bloom. Visitors everywhere kept saying, "Come and look at this! "Look at the colour!" Smell the perfume!" "I can't believe the size of the flowers" "The roses are amazing!" 

What a place to sit down and enjoy the view!
Roses as far as the eye can see.
Take a seat in the bud and breathe in the perfume.
Deadheading has begun to make sure of more blooms to come.
Tutu Mauve (A11) Fl
Red Cedar (D1)
In Appreciation (D16) HT
Help, no idea of the name!

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Panoramic shot taken from the mound on 12th Nov. by Barry Baxter.

5th November

November is the perfect time to visit. Visitors are amazed as the enter through the Entrance Arch and gaze at the mass of colour spread out before them. Don't miss a visit. Put it in the diary!

October 2014

October 22nd

As can be seen from the photos "what a difference a warm week makes!" There is colour everywhere. Put it in your diary to make a visit in the next few weeks! it will be a delight. 

Violetta is a mass of blooms in the Heritage Border. (close to the bud)
Golden Wings stops you with its large, open, delicate flowers. ( HB close to the bud)
Royal Dane (E18 HT)in full bloom.
Paradise (A8)is a mass of flowers.
Looking across the Trail Bed in Petal B
Double Knockout and Sweet Intoxication side by side in the trial bed.
Brass Band Standard Avenue BST1 BST2
Memoire Standard Avenue DST3 DST4
Gold'N'Fancy is such a vibrant colour.(B13)
Camille Pisarro (A12 Fl)

October 8th 

Roses are coming into bloom in all areas now, Leaf, Bud, Tudor Rose, Heritage Border.   



Gold Medal
Edith Holden
Tarantella (E24) Germany 1985
Australian Sunrise (LB4) Bred by Ian Spriggs 2000


The mass display is on the way! Why not plan a visit for later in the month?

The spell of warm weather late in September saw wonderful growth of colourful foliage and mass growth of rose buds. There are a few whole beds breaking into flower but mostly small spots of colour are appearing all around. 

R. gigantea (Species China 1889) can be found in the Heritage Border.
Edith Holden (AT3 ) is a standout, vibrant orange.
Royal Dane (E18 HT) is covered in flowers now.
The dark, glossy foliage of Royal Dane frames the blooms beautifully

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September 2014

Late September 2014

There is strong, multicoloured growth on all the rose bushes. There are even a few flowers appearing on bushes that were pruned in early June.

Early September 2014

Whilst pruning is complete in all areas other than the Heritage Border it is not the time for a rest. Mulching will continue in the Tudor Rose for the next few weeks followed by all other areas. 

Pruning is continuing in the Heritage Border, lead by Wal Johnston and his team.
Wild growth in all directions sees lots of cutting and tying up to restore order.
Animated discussion on what stays and what gets cut.
Pruning completed view in the Tudor Rose.
Trailer loads of mulch just keep coming and going!
Great teamwork sees groups depositing mulch whilst others spread.

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Pruning  finished in the Tudor Rose on 20th August.  The Bud, the Leaf, the Festoons and the Arches were already complete. The Weeping Standards are almost complete.

There is still more to be pruned in the Heritage Border but Wal, the leader of the Heritage Border team, said they are happy if it is all pruned completely in one year.  It is non stop really! The rest of the teams do at least get a break from pruning.

Everyone enjoys hearing the words "Morning Tea" and with tools quickly gathered up, they head back for a well earned break. Likewise the sharing of a BBQ lunch is also welcomed at the end of pruning each Wednesday.

The skeleton of the garden is beautiful
The architecture of the garden is stunning.
"Morning Tea" has been called.
More thirsty volunteers.
A BBQ after pruning is enjoyed by all.
Our wonderful Chefs.

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JULY 2014

Pruning is progressing well with very little time having been lost due to wet weather. As all the specialist teams finish their areas more people move to concentrate on completing the pruning of the Tudor Rose.  



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The Victoria State Rose Garden has been mentioned on this link "Weekend Notes." which is great. Send or share this link to friends overseas who might want to know what there is to do in Werribee and Wyndham City or just how much there is to do and see here. Check out this link !

JUNE 2014

As the photos show there are surprisingly still a lot of flowers throughout the garden and lots of leaves on the bushes. The volunteers are spending a lot of time cutting off leaves before they are can attempt to prune. With the cold weather setting in the leaves should drop to allow faster pruning. Every Wednesday and Saturday, till the end of August, this is the scene you will see. 

The Tripods need pruners ready to work on ladders to tame the wayward canes.
Likewise the Weeping Standards need to be pruned via ladders. Specialist teams work on both.
Volunteer pruners are nearly lost amongst the foliage in the Bud. It is a difficult job to prune so early in the season.
Expert Coordinators lead the teams of volunteers with advice on where to prune and what type of prune is needed for each bed.

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MAY 2014

A variety of work continues to keep the garden neat and tidy.There are still roses blooming all around. Very few are losing their leaves and with the recent spell of beautiful Autumn days (11 days above 20 degrees) it will be difficult to commence pruning on the 11th June.

Pomponella is a mass of flowers. (Fl Petal C C4)
"Darcy Bussell" in the Rosebud. A David Austin rose.
Volunteers do so many different jobs keeping everything neat and tidy.
Such an orderly view of the garden and a satisfied supporter looking over the result of her hard work.

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On Wednesday 21st May we held a "Big Morning Tea" to raise money for Cancer Research. We do this every year and it is always a great success. It was well supported with donations of money and, as the pictures show, with delicious food. Parks staff came along and joined us for the occasion. Apart from the social aspects a considerable amount of money $234.60, was raised for this great cause.  

So much to choose from and all for such a good cause.
Everyone enjoyed the chance to taste the delicious cooking.

APRIL 2014

Pink Iceberg surrounds the Gazebo with tall, prolific blooms. 2nd April
Vounteers nearly hidden whilst deadheading Pink Iceberg. 2nd April
Two of the specialized team deadheading a weeping standard in Petal B
Shocking Blue (Petal B B20) is covered with blooms. 9th April
Mr Lincoln has been flowering beautifully. (Petal B)


It's official. Deadheading the roses finished on the 9th April.  The welcome rain actually stopped the volunteers from working on the day but during breaks between the showers there was time to admire the flowers on so many bushes.

COME TO SEE THE ROSES. Autumn is a wonderful time to be out and about. As you can see from the photos there are still lots of flowers on the bushes. So come for a visit before the spent blooms lessen the colourful display.

 It is not a time to rest however for the volunteers as there is always work to be done at the Garden. Just to name a few jobs for the coming weeks, weeding (never ending)  painting and repairing the bench seats,  pruning in the heritage border,  making  new mats and cleaning and sharpening our secateurs carefully for the pruning season in early June. There are also roses to come out and beds to be prepared for the new ones going in!



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March 2014

The Weeper Appleblossom is putting on a beautiful show in Petal B (BW10)
The entire bed of Colorama is a striking mass of large, two toned coloured flowers in Petal B (B14)
Altissimo on a Tripod in Petal B (B0) always stars.
The cloudy skies on Wednesday 12th couldn't dull the brilliance of the mass display of colour throughout the garden.
Volunteers almost hidden amongst the colour.
Shady Lady is magnificent in Petal B



There are often queries about how many roses are in bloom and if it is a good time to visit the Garden. These pictures taken on 12th March show very clearly that it is a great time to visit right now.



The volunteers will continue to work constantly on deadheading as the roses are flowering prolifically once again.



To keep up to date with the latest at the Rose Garden  Like us on Facebook.

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February 2014

Deadheading keeps the flowers coming so it is very important to continue to remove spent flowers.
Sweet Intoxication in Trial Bed, Petal B
Eyes For You in Trial Bed, Petal B
Thank You Rose in Trial Bed, Petal B


 Despite the intense heat throughout Januuary and into February the Garden has colourful blooms in all directions and is the perfect place for a leisurely stroll.


Be sure to visit the Bud where all the David Austin roses are continuing to bloom well despite the past few dry weeks.


"Eyes For You" has been growing very successfully in Trail bed B so it may be used to replace a whole bed of another less well performing rose.


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January 2014

Welcome return of volunteers in January.

There had been a lot of dead heading and weeding to catch up on after the holiday break.  It was a welcome sight on Wednesday 8th January to see a large group of eager volunteers arriving back ready to work.

Enjoying morning tea.
Continual deadheading.
An abundance of blooms after the heat.

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December 2013

The State Rose and Garden Show has come and gone and the crowds strolled through rose avenues,  sheltered under festoons, weeping standards and arches all the while admiring the beauty of the roses.

Weeping standards Sander's White, Excellence Von Schubert and Scarlet Meidiland.
Peeking through the Weeping Standards Sander's White and Scarlet Meidiland. The Gazebo is hardly visible.


What more is there to say! Just come and see this magnificent Garden.

The local papers came and took some photos last Wednesday to advertise the State Rose & Garden Show happening here on the 1st December. Of course the volunteers were hard at work.
Fire & Ice. Petal C. The buds and blooms are so perfect it is hard to believe they are real.
Blue For You in Petal B Trial Bed
Vibrant colours abound on Tripods, Avenues, Festoons and every bed.
Firestar in Petal A
Thank You Rose in Petal B Trial Bed (Another beauty in the trial bed, so many to choose from)
Mother & Daughter 2011 Australia Fl
There are seats throughout the Garden to provide perfect views in all directions. So inviting.

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October 2013

OCTOBER 24th. Despite rain, hail, heat and gale force winds the roses are magnificent. There is brilliant colour everywhere. No matter where you turn you are surrounded by stunning colour displays. With camera in hand the difficulty is where to start and how to stop! Don't miss it.

View stunning, abundant blooms stretching to the Gazebo and beyond.
Beds are completely in flower as far as the eye can see.
The vibrant yellow contrasts strongly with the lush green healthy leaves.
Every bush in these beds are in flower. Magnificent.
Brass Band Avenue is heavy with blooms.
Imp attracts the eye with its beautiful buds & closely packed full blooms

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OCTOBER 9th. There are more beds with roses blooming and buds just ready to burst into flower. Several beds are covered in flowers in Petal E where pruning commenced. Tripods and festoons are beginning to flower as well. Great photo opportunities!

Royal Dane looks magnificent in Petal E
The vibrant colours of Tarantella are beginning to show. Petal E
Victoria Gold surrounds the Gazebo in the centre of the garden.
Lorraine Lee is brightening the Small Gazebo in the Leaf.
Fourth of July is beginning to bloom on a Festoon in Petal D
Mme Greg.Staechelin shares the Festoon with Fourth of July
Paradise is eyecatching with the change in colour from bud to full bloom. Petal A
Bursting Buds of Kardinal. Petal A
'Fortune's Double Yellow' near the gate to the mansion and along the Heritage Border.
'Fortune's Double Yellow', China, 1845, is near the gate to the mansion and along the Heritage Border. This is such a stunning, weeping rose bush. Come quickly to see it as many of our hertitage roses flower only once a year.

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September 2013

The garden is looking brilliant with the petals not quite in bloom but the Heritage Border is blooming and is well worth a stroll to admire these roses, some of them blooming only once for the season.

Bourbon Queen has beautiful Mauve/Pink fringed flowers.
R Brunonii in the Heritage Border is striking against its varied green foliage.
Working Bee in Duchesse de Brabant, Heritage Border
Local residents the blue wrens often come to visit the volunteers.
Kardinal buds are carried high above the bush and ready to bloom. Petal A
Buds Galore! So many beds are ready to burst into flower.
The bed of Gold Medal in Petal A has a lot of roses in bloom already.


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