St Patrick - C 15
Penelope - H B
Crimson Glory - A15
Blue for You - A 13

Welcome to the Victoria State Rose Garden website. With over 5000 roses (covering about 5 hectares), the Victoria State Rose Garden is one of the tourist gems of Victoria. 

Awarded the International Garden of Excellence by the World Federation Of Rose Societies in 2003, it was the first rose garden outside of Europe to receive this Award and the only one (at that time) cared for entirely by volunteers.


The roses are still blooming well despite the sometimes wild winds, heat & only occasional rain and continue to provide wonderful photo opportunities for visitors to enjoy.

The volunteers continue to dead head every Wednesday & Saturday in order to keep the flowers coming. This will continue till mid April when we will cease dead heading. 

There are lots of birds everywhere, helping to keep the insect population in balance. 


Scarlet Robin surveying the scene.
Inquisitive Red-browed Finch insect hunting.
Fairy Wrens just ignore volunteers.
Unusual rose called Origami in the Trial Bed.
It looks almost like it has folded & pointed edges.
Amazing colour changes as well. Let's hope it makes it into the Garden.
"Amazing Grace" stands out beautifully against the dark green foliage at the entrance to the leaf. March 11th
Rod Beechey, a brilliant pink floribunda was eye-catching in the leaf (LA 14) Taken 11th March.
The David Austin roses in the Bud are blooming beautifully. Charlotte (Auspoly) has a soft peach colour and marvellous layer on layer of petals. Stunning.
Ambridge Rose (Auswonder) another delightful David Austin bush in the Bud. They are hard to pass by without taking just one more photo!

Presentation of $1,000 cheque from the Footscray and District YMCA Garden Club, given to Sue Myers and presented to VSRG President Lex Hodge at morning tea.

 The FOOTSCRAY & DISTRICT YMCA GARDEN CLUB generously donated $1000.00 to the Rose Garden. 

Our thanks go to Maureen McKnight president, David Graham secretary, Rod Noonan treasurer and the members of Footscray Garden Club for their generous donation. The Club has been operating for 42 years but unfortunately it is winding up due to a lack of young people joining up. It has served its members well with monthly meetings, expert speakers, social/garden focussed outings, companionship and sharing of gardening knowledge.

Sue Myers, a volunteer from the VSRG, gave a talk about the history of the VSRG and showed photos of some of our wonderful roses, at the Garden Club’s final meeting.

The money will be used for the purchase of a bed of roses for the garden.




"VSRG ROSE REPLACEMENT TEAM"   (Click to go to story)

This is the latest ROSE STORY as told by Rosarian Wal Johnston for the enjoyment and enrichment of volunteers at morning tea. (this one contains an environmentally safe Fungal Disease Spray Cure recipe.!)

There is a wealth of other stories to browse through. Look under "About our Roses"-- Rose Stories

The Victoria State Rose Garden Supporters group started 25 years ago on 21st February 1993

25th ANNIVERSARY Victoria State Rose Garden Supporters 

On Wednesday 21st February the VSRG supporters and Parks Rangers celebrated 25 years of the supporters working in the garden. Everyone shared in a morning tea and lots of reminiscences.

Adam Smith, a Parks Ranger who has worked alongside the volunteers for 25 years, outlined the amount of tasks the volunteers undertake. He acknowledged the good working relationship between volunteers and Parks staff. He showed appreciation for the camaraderie between the volunteers and Parks. He acknowledged the high number of working hours VSRGS undertake. The highest of all Parks volunteer groups.

Shirley Cameron, a local resident,  Life Member of VSRG supporters and an original member, outlined how the garden has been a refuge for her in times of sadness. Like Wal Johnson she has worked in the garden for 25 years and demonstrated to others her wealth of knowledge. Wal an expert in all areas of the garden, oversees the Heritage Border roses and teaches all the volunteers at morning tea about the history, horticulture, identification and care of roses by sharing his informative stories.

Ron, another Ranger who was present at the first plantings came to celebrate the occasion.

Bill thanked all the past Presidents for their enormous contribution to the garden and for all the unseen, extra hours they put in. This commitment continually improves the garden and engenders a passion for continuing the work of those who had the foresight to first start a State Rose Garden. 

Click for more photos.

President Lex, longstanding volunteers Bill, Shirley & Wal, have no trouble finding a magnificent rose to enhance their group photo.
Wal & Jimmy, another longstanding Parks Ranger, reflecting on all the years spent caring for the garden.
It was wonderful to share this milestone with Parks staff and it is important to thank them and acknowledge the amount of work they continually do to support the volunteers and maintain the rose garden.

Unusual colouring on "Eyes for you"
Fourth of July DF12. This is a festoon to seek out.
Glorious E8, lives up to its name.

Masquerade E21 This stunning tripod has cameras snapping.
Perfume Perfection AST2 The perfect name for this fragrant avenue. Taken Nov 1st.
Colorama (Petal B 14) Rain glistening on petals.
Sally Holmes BF12
Bloomfield Courage (Petal EF 10)
Monica (Petal E 22)
Maria Callas (Petal C 22) More rain drops.
Scepter"d Isle (Ausland) Bud

Victoria State Rose Garden Opening Times

From April to September 9.30 till 5 pm.    From October to April 9.30 till 6.30 (daylight saving time) 

 THE GARDEN IS OPEN EVERY DAY AND IS FREE TO VISIT. (Donations gratefully accepted) 

Please NOTE: special events at WERRIBEE PARK which could impact on access to the Rose Garden Click here for more details 

1. Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt & Family Picnic. Friday 30th March 2018. Ticketed Event

2. Fromage a Trois. Sunday 8th April 2018.  Ticketed Event


The HERITAGE BORDER continues to put on a beautiful display of hips in so many different shapes, colours and sizes. Well worth a slow, exploring walk.


Formal Entrance for the Victoria State Rose Garden

The Formal Entrance for Victoria State Rose Garden is clearly visible from the carpark.

The improvement was long overdue with visitors previously unable to locate the garden entrance due to foliage and inadequate signage. It is now easy to see the large Metal Entrance Arch from the car park. It has State Rose Garden inscribed and a side panel showing the plan of the 4.5 hectare garden. 


Entry is free but all donations are gratefully accepted as the Garden is maintained by volunteers.

3 Ways to Donate.............

Via the donation tube when you visit, located just inside the main entrance. 

Via cheque, posted to 

Victoria State Rose Garden

The Treasurer, VSRGS,

Werribee, Victoria, Australia, 3030

Post Office Box 2137,

You can also donate online  via your bank, direct to our bank account.

BSB 633 108
Account Number 104117049


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