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Penelope - H B
Crimson Glory - A15
Blue for You - A 13

Welcome to the Victoria State Rose Garden website. With over 5000 roses (covering about 5 hectares), the Victoria State Rose Garden is one of the tourist gems of Victoria. 

Awarded the International Garden of Excellence by the World Federation Of Rose Societies in 2003, it was the first rose garden outside of Europe to receive this Award and the only one (at that time) cared for entirely by volunteers.

What's Happening Now In The Garden?

School holidays are over......

It is much quieter now at the Rose Garden so come and have a wander amongst the beautiful blooms. The entire precinct is wonderful to visit with the Werribee Park Mansion adjoining the Rose Garden and The Werribee Open Range Zoo adjoining the Mansion grounds. So many attractions in one place!!!!

The volunteers worked right through the holidays to ensure that the roses are always at their best. The roses are blooming beautifully and the recent rain will push them further to perform.

Volunteers hard at work as usual........

Victoria State Rose Garden Volunteers work every Wednesday & Saturday morning  to keep the garden in top condition, ably supported by Parks staff. Last week fertiliser was spread throughout the garden and deadheading continued as usual. 

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Photos taken 15th February show healthy, vigorous growth continuing. The volunteers are keeping up with the dead heading requirements to make sure the March second flush is as good as always.

Tineke, taken early in the morning, still moist with morning dew.
Life Member Valda, almost hidden amongst the bed of Tineke as she dead heads.
Ebb Tide B 12
Topsy Turvy B4

Congratulation letter from Tim Pallas MP.

 Parks Victoria Kookaburra Awards 2016 

The VICTORIA STATE ROSE GARDEN SUPPORTERS' group was awarded a certificate in the 

Conserving Special Places Award 

Victorian State Rose Garden Supporters (Melbourne Division)

Well done to all the dedicated supporters for all their hard work. 

February is a wonderful time to visit with all areas displaying lots of colour. 

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Playboy C12
Thank You B20
Duchesse de Brabant cl Petal AF 09 & BF 01.
Crepuscule cl Petal CF 02.
Outback Angels HT Petal B18.
Brisbane Blush LB19
Fire & Ice, Taken by Christine.See also on Facebook
Tripods- a must see.
News C20 (Flor) The bees are working overtime.

Another must see Tripod.

State Rose Garden Opening Times

From April to September 9.30 till 5 pm.    From October to April 9.30 till 6.30 (daylight saving time) 

 THE GARDEN IS OPEN EVERY DAY AND IS FREE TO VISIT. (Donations gratefully accepted) 

Please NOTE: special events at WERRIBEE PARK which could impact on access to the Rose Garden Click here for detailed list   Below next event 

 Fromage a Trois, Sunday 12th March, Ticketed Event - 10.00 till 5.00 p.m.


Formal Entrance for the Victoria State Rose Garden

The Formal Entrance for Victoria State Rose Garden is clearly visible from the carpark.

The improvement was long overdue with visitors previously unable to locate the garden entrance due to foliage and inadequate signage. It is now easy to see the large Metal Entrance Arch from the car park. It has State Rose Garden inscribed and a side panel showing the plan of the 4.5 hectare garden.

Entry is free but all donations are gratefully accepted as the Garden is maintained by volunteers. (Donation Tube inside the entrance)


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