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Welcome to the Victoria State Rose Garden website. With over 5000 roses (covering about 5 hectares), the Victoria State Rose Garden is one of the tourist gems of Victoria. 

Awarded the International Garden of Excellence by the World Federation Of Rose Societies in 2003, it was the first rose garden outside of Europe to receive this Award and the only one (at that time) cared for entirely by volunteers.

What's Happening Now In The Garden?

Autumn is a Wonderful Time to Visit

AUTUMN at the Victoria State Rose Garden generally sees mild weather and abundant flowers, so come and have a wander amongst the beautiful blooms. The entire precinct is an amazing place to visit with the Werribee Park Mansion adjoining the Rose Garden and The Werribee Open Range Zoo adjoining the Mansion grounds. So many attractions in one place!!!!

Autumn also gives the volunteers time to pause & admire all the treasures that the changing garden has to offer. (Click for more photos)

(See more photos of our bird visitors)

Insects are invaluable workers in the garden too. This spider had quite a collection in its web.
As the leaves begin to fall this neat and tidy blue wren's nest becomes obvious.
Bees are in abundance with so many vibrantly coloured flowers to choose from.
Without the cloud floating behind it the spider looks like it is adrift in the sky.
Scarlet Robin surveying the scene.
Goldfinch hidden amongst the branches.
Inquisitive Red-browed Finch insect hunting.
Fairy Wrens just ignore volunteers.
Pacific Black ducks utilizing the carpark puddles.

Victoria State Rose Garden Volunteers hard at work as usual........

Every Wednesday & Saturday morning sees enthusiastic volunteers working to keep the garden in top condition, ably supported by Parks staff. 

Deadheading has finished!  That does not mean a rest for the volunteers however!  

General weeding and tidying of the garden is very important. Tool maintenance in preparation for pruning in June is carried out together with maintenance of garden-owned mats. Most importantly members overhaul their personal pruning equipment with instruction/guidance from team members.

On the receipt of firm deliveries roses will be removed from replacement beds and  preparation of beds will be undertaken e.g. rotary hoeing,  chicken poo and compost into the beds.

A Big Morning Tea for Cancer  will be held on Wednesday MAY 17th

We have more time to listen to Rose Stories told by our resident storyteller Wal.

Catch his latest topical instalment, entitled "The Pruning Mystique" which is the perfect lead into our intense pruning season. (Click Here)

Wednesday 14th JUNE will see pruning commence.

Our annual Public Pruning Demonstration will be held on Saturday 24th June from 10.00 a.m. till 1.00 p.m.

So you can see with all this happening we are not actually resting!!!!



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Photos taken  early on an Autumn Morning.

Tineke, taken early in the morning, still moist with morning dew.
Life Member Valda, almost hidden amongst the bed of Tineke as she dead heads.
Ebb Tide B 12
Topsy Turvy B4

Victoria State Rose Garden Opening Times

From April to September 9.30 till 5 pm.    From October to April 9.30 till 6.30 (daylight saving time) 

 THE GARDEN IS OPEN EVERY DAY AND IS FREE TO VISIT. (Donations gratefully accepted) 

Please NOTE: special events at WERRIBEE PARK which could impact on access to the Rose Garden Click here for more details 

1.   Saddleworld Melbourne International 3 Day Event 10th June. ( State Equestrian Centre)


Formal Entrance for the Victoria State Rose Garden

The Formal Entrance for Victoria State Rose Garden is clearly visible from the carpark.

The improvement was long overdue with visitors previously unable to locate the garden entrance due to foliage and inadequate signage. It is now easy to see the large Metal Entrance Arch from the car park. It has State Rose Garden inscribed and a side panel showing the plan of the 4.5 hectare garden. 


Entry is free but all donations are gratefully accepted as the Garden is maintained by volunteers.

3 Ways to Donate.............

Via the donation tube when you visit, located just inside the main entrance. 

Via cheque, posted to Post Office Box 2137,

You can also donate online  via your bank, direct to our bank account.


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